I Will serve You! / Je vais vous servir! Vote Oct. 21 federal election 2019



I would like to thank all the people that helped and supported me during this election. I will always remember this election and the wonderful amazing people that I met. I will continue to serve in the community and kept defending the rights of the people in this riding. Thank you again for all your support!

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Why I Am running as an independent

  • To get back our political voice in the House of  Commons.
  • To have Members of Parliament who will defend our rights as Canadians.
  •  To make certain that our government is accountable to the people, not the people only accountable to the government.
  • To vote for the riding's best interest, not a party.
  • To have Members of Parliament who are always responsible first to the people, not to a party.

I believe


I believe, like most Canadians, that we need good social programs and fiscal policies that do not burden future generations.

The majority of Canadians want a government that is moderate and responsible, that will take care of their needs, but not burden future generations.


We need to protect the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

As a member of Parliament, I will work hard to protect the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.


We need people to represent people who are accountable to the people first!

The first goal I have is to  get Members of Parliament working first for Canadians and not parties. Every member should be accountable to his or her constituents and Canadians. I also want to get Members of Parliament working together for the good of all Canadians and stop politicizing situations instead of finding solutions. 

My Platform for Pierrefonds-Dollard



To create proper geographical maps of waterways and produce a management system that will take into account the future impact of increased water in rivers. Continue to encourage companies to convert to green energy. Make certain that recycling is done properly. 



To support increased transfer payments for education; invest in programs to help students who have learning difficulties or who are addicted to video games; invest in digital technology for schools to offset the use of paper.

Fiscal Policy


To make policies that are more fiscally efficient with less waste; use those extra funds for additional needs; help find applications for grants and research, for cities and small businesses.



To help municipalities and organisations get the maximum of all the infrastructure program funds available.



To support policies that will increase the transfer payments for healthcare and pharmacare.

Small Business


To simplify the process for small businesses dealing with Canadian government bureaucracy.