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WHO is Martin Plante?


President / CEO of MPO Educational Enterprises

Martin is the founder and inventor of a new online educational application called Geo History Map. GeoHistory Map helps teachers teach history to students, reducing the cost of education and the use of paper in schools.

President of ELM Park Pool, DDO

Within 1 year, Martin helped Elm Park Pool increase the membership, improve the finances and help upgrade the infrastructure.  He did it by working with the city and other government organizations to get what was needed for the pool to improve.

Chairman of a church in Montreal

Martin has been on the board of directors for a number of years in different positions. Currently he is the Chairman of the board. He has helped restructure the administration and helped renovate the meeting place. He has also been involved in the spiritual teaching and counselling of the members. 

President and co-founder of MPO Educational Travel

Along with his wife, Martin is the co-founder of MPO Educational Travel. MPO Educational Travel has helped over 100,000 students travel to Eastern Canada to learn about Canadian culture and history.  

Director of Education at Cosmodome/Space Camp

Martin as the Director of Education helped increase sales by $1 million dollars, in spite of the organization's state of bankruptcy. He also produced the educational program still being used today.

President of Quebec Youth Diabetic

In his teens, Martin held several different positions in the Quebec Youth Diabetic association, such as the president and treasurer. He also helped produce a youth magazine on diabetes.



Université du Québec à Montréal

Martin holds a Science degree in Physical Geography from UQAM. He speaks both English and French.

Université du Québec à Montréal

Teaching Assistant for Bio-Geography and Statistic classes.