I Will serve You! / Je vais vous servir! Vote Oct. 21 federal election 2019


How you can Help

There are many ways to help Martin Plante, your Independent candidate in this federal election.  You can help hand out flyers, speak to others, post signs, or even make a campaign donation.  

If you have any questions or would like to help, please contact us at 514-839-6706.

Ways you can help


Hand out flyers & speak to people around you

Flyers of Martin Plante Independent, I Believe, can be handed out to neighbours, friends and family. Request some today!  Speak to others about why an Independent candidate is the best choice for our Pierrefonds-Dollard riding.

Put a lawn sign showing your support

A bilingual sturdy lawn sign can be inserted in your front lawn to show your support for Martin Plante, as well as serve as a voice to your neighbours to give their support as well.  Contact us with your address to get a sign placed in your yard.

Vote on October 21, 2019

Vote Independent on Oct. 21, 2019 so your voice will be heard!  Vote so you can have your say in what is important to you in this riding!  The most important thing is to get everyone out to vote so the government can hear what we are saying!

Donate to Martin Plante's campaign

Mail your campaign donation or request someone to come by to pick it up.  Maximum election donation of $1600 per person per year is allowed by law.  A tax deduction receipt will be given for amounts. 

Checks or money orders

Donations can be in the form of checks, money orders, bank drafts, or other trackable methods addressed to "Anne Hebert, Official Agent" as per law.  Your full name and address need to be included.  

Mailing address

 For any questions, please contact us using the Contact Form or by phone at 514-839-6706.